Patrick and Karen Gamboa have been foster  parents for eight years. They live in Camarillo and have five children. They have fostered and adopted children from birth through young adulthood. They have a heart to love and support other families on this journey.  They have led Defending the Fatherless since it began in 2011. Patrick is an executive and Karen is a busy homeschooling mom of five. Karen has a heart for sharing her journey and is available as a speaker. Contact them at



Darrell and Betty first developed a heart for adoption when their two biological daughters were young, but decided to step back to raise their daughters.  After both girls reached adulthood and graduated high school, Darrell and Betty began to discuss adoption again as they looked at an empty nest and decided to move forward. After becoming a licensed foster home in 2011, God gifted them with their first foster placement who later became their forever son. He came to them at 4 ½ months old and just after his 2nd birthday his adoption was finalized! During the adoption process and there after they have continued to foster small children.  After the adoption of their son in 2013, Darrell and Betty felt the calling and launched Defending the Fatherless of Calvary Chapel of Oxnard home  to raise awareness of God’s calling for orphan care and to provide support for other foster and adoptive parents.

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Jessica and Jeff went into foster care with a desire to have children and found out that it could be so much more. They began the process of foster care because of a desire to adopt as a result of not being able to have biological children.  Besides the two that they are adopting soon they have been blessed to give several other children a temporary refuge as well. Jessica says, "I never knew how much of a blessing that foster care and adoption would have turned out to be. You think you are blessing these little ones but in hindsight God is actually blessing you." Jessica and Jeff have been foster parents for three years. Jeff and Jessica serve as the assistant leaders for Defending the Fatherless. Jeff has a passion to share with husbands and fathers the unique role that they play in foster care and adoption.  Jeff and Jessica worship and serve as part of Anthem Camarillo.



Jose and Erica Rodriguez began to provide foster care in 2013. They have four children two of which have come to them through foster care and adoption. They have a heart to connect with other families and support them on this journey. They worship and serve as the ministry leaders of Defending the Fatherless at Camarillo Christian Church. Erica is the host of our monthly Foster talk as well as leading the meals ministry, Erica and Jose would love to share a cup of coffee with a family who is considering this journey or talk to you about other ways to support foster and adoptive families. Contact Erica and Jose at




Melinda and Mike have three biological children and became foster parents in 2014.  They have had multiple children come into their home and have a longing to see foster care and adoption grow within their church body. They lead and Serve at Defending the Fatherless Calvary Chapel Westlake where they are creating a community of families to support and equip the foster care community in Thousand Oaks and beyond. Contact Melinda and Mike at 




Amanda and Brandon are foster and adoptive parents with five kiddos currently in their family. Some of our most experienced foster parents Amanda loves to come along side new foster parents helping them with sleep routines, transitions and attachment, and fostering older kids. Amanda leads a monthly networking group in East Ventura. Brandon and Amanda lead as part of Defending the Fatherless Ventura Missionary. Contact Amanda and Brandon at




Jimmy and Susan began foster care in December of 2013.  They have had a heart to foster/adopt for 11 years but as their family grew they pulled out of the process. Since that time they have been burdened for the fatherless and jumped back into the application process in 2011. They have three bio children, as well as currently fostering a sibling set of two. They also have provided respite care for children from newborn to age 6. Jimmy and Susan have a heart most especially for teens as Jimmy has led the Ventura Christian Surfing Association and Susan has counseled female teenagers in youth groups and has a private counseling practice as well.  Susan and Jimmy worship at Reality Ventura

* foster placements are not pictured for privacy

* foster placements are not pictured for privacy




Carlos and Tracy knew when they got married that they wanted to start their family right away. After four years of infertility treatments and much heartache and loss Tracy became pregnant with their Daughter and through a difficult pregnancy was able to have a healthy baby girl.  Again having secondary infertility they  received a call from an aunt about a possible adoption situation. Tracy says,  "the Lord was starting to open our hearts to other ways of growing our family."  They were able to minister to the birth mom but the adoption did not go through.  As one by one the doors closed to having another biological child they began the process of foster care and adoption. Tracy says, "God was knocking on our door for a long time, it just took us awhile to understand what He wanted us to do."  They have now fostered for over four years. They have adopted their second daughter through foster care and have opened their home to many other children for a season as well. They have a heart for other families dealing with the loss of infertility. To contact Tracy email Carlos and Tracy worship at Reality Ventura




Billy and Pat where foster parents for  two years and Pat is a licensed therapist who has worked with troubled teens and youth throughout Ventura County. They know the highs and lows of foster care and have a heart to support families on their journey. They worship and lead the foster ministry at Encounter Church in Ventura as well as organize the monthly prayer chain.