How to be Connected:

  • Be added to our private facebook group. After a brief phone interview you can be added to the group. Email

  •  After joining the group introduce yourself and ask questions, post any needs you have in preparation for your first placement.

  • When you receive a placement post about it and let us know. We  can help you with the following:

    • we will begin a meal train (if requested)

    • we can come visit you in your home to help you welcome your placement and drop off a welcome gift

    •  we will add you to our prayer chain so that we can be praying for you during your transition

    • Also if you have any emergency needs we have representatives from every physical needs ministry in the county of Ventura. By posting in our group you will automatically be connected to those resources.

    • post questions you have and we will be happy to help. We have hundreds of experienced fellow foster parents who would love to share their expertise and support you in any way.

    • If you are in need of respite care either for self care purposes or because you will be travelling you can post in the group. We have many seasoned fellow licensed foster parents who would love to help.

  •  Be connected in person. Attend one of our support groups to be equipped for your journey. Many of our groups receive training hours which go towards your foster license. Attend one of our moms nights outs, parents night outs, potlucks, park days or story nights to be encouraged in person. 

  • If you are not on facebook visit our website to learn about upcoming events and

    • email Jessica at or Erica when you receive a placement to be supported. 


Providing clothing and physical needs to foster families:


Child Hope Services: Child Hope services exists to provide financial assistance, clothing and additional resources to foster and adoptive families, before, during and after placement contact them at

Rachel's closet: provides second hand clothing as well as larger items to foster families from a store front location. Must call to schedule and appointment. (805)501-4273

Shelter Care resources: provides second hand clothing as well as larger items to foster families call to make an appointment. (805)612-7091 or visit

James store house: provides for the needs of children in foster care and youth aged-out of foster care. (310)774-1753

Children's Services Auxiliary: a volunteer organizations whose mission is to meet the needs of Ventura County's court-dependent children. Providing funding for medical and dental expenses, youth sports scholarships, school activities, youth classes, special clothing needs, music lessons and a yearly holiday toy store. visit their website at


Working with teenagers and foster youth aging out of the system:

Dark to dawn: Working with and providing support to teenagers and youth aging out of the foster care system.  visit their website

Women of Substance & Men of Honor: dedicated to providing support to young men and women that may have been incarcerated and/or in the foster care system. Contact Rosalinda P. Vint (805)376-0472 or visit their web site at

Therapy Services:

Julie Cast is a registerd MFT and art therapist (805)368-2323 

Carla Tice is an education therapist (805)832-7989

Intensive changes: working with reactive attachment disorder David Kerrigan PHD and licensed clinical social worker (805)794-3165

Brionna Morse, MA, MFT (805)558-3460

* please do your due diligence when working with a therapist. This board is to provide resources but is not endorsed by defending the fatherless 


CPR training:

Mike Spillwagon: offering cpr classes in your home at a discounted rate for foster families (805)207-5661

Advocating for kids in care:

Advo kids, founded in 1993 by three child welfare attorneys, a social worker and a child psychologist, Advokids was established in response to the alarming number of infants and small children entering foster care. Advokids set out to educate people, both within and outside of the child welfare system, on the laws designed to get young children out of foster care quickly and to advocate for early placement in stable and permanent homes for those infants and children who could not be reunified with their biological families.  visit for more information

  • you can also access information on advo kids on filing for defacto parenting status for your child

CASA has a mission to be a powerful voice for abused, neglected and abandoned court dependent children, through its trained, compassionate volunteers.  visit

Respite Care

Channel Islands Social Services: Ventura County's family-operated, trusted respite provider. Ventura foster families qualify to receive respite care if they are licensed Foster Parents or Kinship Caregivers with a current placement from Ventura County. If you could benefit from a regularly scheduled respite break, call CISS (805)384-0983

Volunteer in other ways:

Love does: love does provides bags with items that a child needs for their first night in care. follow them on facebook at

Royal family kids camp: providing life changing moments for children of abuse


* please do your due diligence this board is to provide resources but is not necessarily endorsed by defending the fatherless